We have 3 leaders at 4th Norton Rainbows and Brownies who run both units along with lots of parents, grandparents, aunties and friends of 4th Norton Rainbows and Brownies who help us out on our adventures.

Ruth K (Brown Owl)

Hi i’m Ruth K, I started running 4th Norton Brownies in September 1999 and 4th Norton Rainbows in February 2012 (although I did my young leader and adult leader training at 4th Norton Rainbows!)

Some Fun facts about me:

  • My favourite colour is Silver
  • My favourite season is Autumn
  • My favourite TV show is Hunted
  • My favourite place to visit is Whitby.
  • I love going camping and for days out with my family to explore new places. 
Caroline (Tawny Owl)